Sep 16

Date published: 9-16-2013

Rails version: 4.0.0

What is Bootstrap?

Bootstrap was developed by a group at Twitter to provide a consistent graphical framework for their web sites. Since it was released, it’s become one of the most popular suites of graphical tools for web site development. It includes CSS templates, grid layout classes, and responsive elements that make it easy to develop one site that can be easily viewed on screens of all sizes. Perhaps the biggest benefit to adding it to a Rails project is the fact that there is already a gem that includes all the functionality of Bootstrap. It’s a good idea when learning how to program a new language to have a basic project template that you can build upon for any new projects you want to make. This is doubly true in Ruby on Rails where every project has a visual component, so having a basic web site template to build off of is really important. Continue reading »

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