Apr 28

Date published: 4-28-2014

Rails version: 4.0.0


One of the good things about using Ruby on Rails is that you can setup a basic site layout and it will automatically be applied to every page on the site. If you’ve ever worked on a site that didn’t use layouts, then you know what a timesaver this can be. Rather than having to modify every single page when you want to make a change to the header for example, you make one change in the layout file, and all the pages on your site will now use the updated header. There may be times when you want to disregard the default layout or use a different one entirely, such as when the user wants to print something and wants their information without all the extraneous elements like the header, footer, or navigation sidebar. Continue reading »

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Apr 14

In lieu of a tutorial this week, I thought I’d come up with a list of the resources I use when working on my Rails projects. There are several pages that I find myself going back to so frequently that I wanted to have them all saved in one place to find them easily. I’d recommend going over all the guides that are linked there to learn about all the different parts that make up a Rails project.

Useful Rails Resources

I put a permalink in the menu bar at the top of the page, so you can click it on any page to go to the list of resources and find a guide or tutorial to help with whatever problem you may be up against. I’ll update this page whenever I find new links to sites that I find to be useful in learning or working with Rails.

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